Frequently Asked Questions

i'm pretty sure we have an over supply of vehicles, how can your system help identify over capacity?

Autocentral is built from the ground up to support fleet optimisation. We provide extensive reports which identify surplus vehicles and vehicle utilisation. By identifying surplus vehicles, over time, you can feel confident  removing these surplus vehicles from your fleet, resulting in substantial cost savings. Ask us how one customer's strategy allowed them to reduce their fleet by 30% while increasing utilisation by almost 20%.

we have multiple sites spread across the state, does your system support carpool managers/administrators?

Yes. Our comprehensive security and permissions capabilities are powerful yet easy to manage. Individual users (or multiples users managed in a workgroup) can have access to manage individual carpools. How much they can do is up to you.

we're required to ensure staff have a valid licence before taking out a vehicle. currently it's a lot of effort to ensure we meet compliance. Do you offer a better way to do this?

Yes. Autocentral provides a licence management feature which easily identifies expiring licences. We provide reports and on-screen information, but even better than this, you can schedule automatic notifications be sent to users when their licence is about to expire. You can even send a custom message giving instructions on how to update a licence, or if you prefer, staff can update their own licence details, ensuring compliance and leaving fleet managers free to do other things.

It all looks great but is it expensive?

When you consider that the cost per vehicle for a year is less than a tank of fuel, Autocentral is very cost-effective and great value for money. And with our fleet optimisation features designed to maximise use and  eliminate surplus vehicles, Autocentral will pay for itself in no time!

Privacy is a growing concern for us, how do you deal with that?

We take your privacy very seriously and invite you to read our full privacy policy here.

We also provide the following measures to ensure your privacy:

  • SSL - Encrypted connections between you and our servers ensures your data is secure.
  • Single Tenancy - Ensures your data resides in a separate database and not shared with other customers. Learn more

 We need a way to control costs and maintain services. Can you help?

The following features are designed specifically to optimise your fleet and maximise your fleet investment:

  • Ride Sharing - Autocentral makes it easy to book a seat going to your destination
  • Visiting Vehicles - Get access to vehicles visiting from other sites, instead of letting them sit in a car park rusting away!
  • Dispose of surplus vehicles using our unique usage reports. We show you how many vehicles are not being used (surplus) for any day of the week.