Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • Easily book vehicles from any where and at any time
  • Vehicle usage data to help you maintain an optimised fleet and eliminate surplus vehicles
  • Hosted, managed and supported software solution
  • It's in the Cloud: Be up and running quickly without software or hardware installation
  • Intuitive interface: Users get up and running quickly with little effort or training
  • Robust security: User, role and group based security to limit access and help ensure data security
  • 100+ customization and personalisation options
  • Reporting: Built in reports to meet regulatory requirements


  • Cost savings by eliminating surplus or under-utilised vehicles
  • Time savings with self-service bookings and streamlined exploring and reporting
  • Affordable subscription-based Cloud solution supporting quick time to value
  • Short ramp up through an intuitive interface to help users learn and leverage the solution
  • Support for informed decision-making with vehicle usage data
  • Complete view of the car pool fleet for administrators and car pool managers
  • Comprehensive configuration options allow Autocentral to more precisely meet business needs

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