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Welcome to the Autocentral Partner Program! Thank you for your interest in the Autocentral Partner Program, home of the #1 carpool management and fleet optimisation solution. Awarded 2010 State winner for best product of the year by the AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association). This is not your normal partner program. Like our solution, it has been performance tuned to help you help your customers, help you sell and make you money.

Highly competitive margins

Includes unique recurring revenue model and quick payout!


Get pre-qualified sales leads (not just names) from events, SEO, the press and more.

start at gold!

Three levels to reward performance, but you start at gold so you get good margins immediately.

technical sales support

For sales situations where technical expertise can help close a contract, we will work with you as a member of your team to provide answers to customers.

sales & marketing support

Partners will be supplied with relevant sales and marketing materials that can be customised, including Power Points, case studies and other documentation.

product training

No cost or barriers to entry. Get access to our free demo portal, showcase your own custom solution to perspective customers.


Silver Partner

1 to 5 Sales

15% commission for the life of the customer

Gold Partner

6 to 10 Sales

20% commission for the life of the customer

Platinum Partner

11+ Sales

30% commission for the life of the customer

*** A minimum of two (2) sales in each calendar year to maintain gold and platinum levels.

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