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Environment Protection Authority (EPA)


Improve carpool use, fleet management and identify possible cost savings.


Autocentral car pool management and fleet optimisation.


  • Cost savings of $70,000 per year
  • Vehicle utilisation up 18%
  • Right-sizing efficiency gains
  • Improved driver behaviour

EPA Saves Big With Fleet Optimiser

The EPA is an independent statutory authority within the Government of South Australia With responsibility for clean and healthy air, land and water that is fit for purpose, protecting communities from unacceptable noise and radiation, and sustainable use of resources.

The EPA was looking to improve the management and use of its shared pool vehicles with the following goals:

  • Reducing the size of the fleet to save money
  • Delivering reliable access for staff
  • Making it easier for staff to book and manage vehicles
  • Selecting more optimal vehicle sizes

Simply reducing the size of the vehicle fleet without a plan would have failed when you consider the EPA had 5 business units each managing its own separate vehicle pool. As a consequence, the following issues arose:

  • Lack of available data to determine correct fleet size
  • Limited ability to manage fringe benefits tax (FBT) obligations
  • Existing booking systems like Microsoft Outlook or handwritten bookings proved difficult to access, cumbersome or inefficient
  • Other inefficiencies through vehicle “hoarding”.

Autocentral was found to be a standout product selected for the following reasons:

  • Quick and easy to book a car and can be used 24/7
  • Excellent reporting options, e.g. Vehicle utilisation/surplus, FBT, cost centre charge-back
  • Integrates with other EPA processes and systems
  • Highly customisable to suit EPA business needs
  • Easy to train other staff in the case of staff turnover
  • Low cost of implementation and high return on investment

From the moment Autocentral was implemented, the EPA has experienced a smooth operation and when the EPA required new features, the Autocentral team was very accommodating with developing extra features at no additional cost.

Digby Beams, Fleet Administrator, EPA


  • Annual cost savings of $70,000 from a reduction in the carpool fleet from 19 to 11 vehicles Increased vehicle utilisation by 18%
  • Positive environmental impact through right-sizing
  • Smaller sized vehicles with greater fuel efficiency could be utilised to accommodate local travel needs
  • Staff benefits through an easier way to book vehicles and having greater confidence in vehicle availability.
  • Improved driver behaviour from EPA staff with reduction in staff taking vehicles home at night or using vehicles inappropriately

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